Product & Services

Industrial Commutator:

Manufactured in a wide range of designs and sizes as binded assemblies or fully assembled with Steel parts duly balanced and dynamically seasoned suitable for various industrial DC Motor applications in industries like Steel, Mining, Paper and General Engineering. We also supply a wide range of Traction Commutators to the WCL. 

Raw materials used are high conductivity electrolytic Copper or Silver bearing Copper.

Insulation up to Class H is provided. Steel parts are manufactured of cast steel, SG Iron or Steel as required. 

Slip Rings: 

Manufactured in Epoxy Moulded and Fabricated/Shrink-fit designs in a wide range of sizes for Alternators, Slip Ring Motors, Crane Duty Motors, AC Generators and other Slip Ring applications. Rings can be manufactured out of Phosphorous Bronze, Cupronickel , Gun Metal, Forged Copper or stainless Steel as required. 

Insulation up to Class F can be provided. Various designs are available with Cable or Brass/Copper Terminals. Hubs can be made out of Steel , Cast Iron, SG Iron & Cast Steel. Slip Rings can also be provided with moulded bores.  


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